Coming Soon: The Hadmere Players

Thank you to everyone who filled out our survey! The responses really helped us a lot. 

Tomorrow our fourth murder mystery begins! The first instalment of The Hadmere Players will be released on Monday 21st May. It’s back to the UK and Francesca Palandri starts investigating when the ten year reunion of a well known amateur play goes horribly wrong…

Like our last mystery, The Pearl of Taiwan, instalments of The Hadmere Players will be released every few days. If you’re keen to read the mystery all at once then bide your time until the end of the month!

Can you guess whodunit before all is revealed in the 7th instalment? Good luck!


Survey – Online Mystery Packages

G’day detectives!

We would like to change the way we send out our short stories by creating a unique online murder mystery package. This package will deliver a new way to experience a story and the world it’s set in. Each package will contain all instalments of one of our stories, as well as content and puzzles relating to that story. And you get to choose how frequently you receive the instalments!

Your input is extremely valuable to us in order to create the best package possible. We would really appreciate it if you could take few minutes to complete a simple anonymous survey. We want to hear about your likes and preferences and take all that information on-board!

Click here to take the survey.

Many thanks! We look forward to creating a product that you’ll love!