About Intrigue Inn


Welcome to the inn!

Come in, grab an ale and pull up a chair! Our murder mystery short stories are currently released in daily instalments over 7 days. Can you guess the solution by day 7?

So far we’ve released two stories in our Francesca Palandri series, set in the south of England. DCI Palandri is assigned to work out why a seemingly innocent local board game group in at the centre of a murder investigation in The Indigo Bar. In Lornbridge Hills, she must look beyond the veneer of a stuffy golf estate to work out why it’s youngest residents has been killed.

Our most recent mystery is the first in our Wonderstuffed series, following food writer Greg Newman around Asia as he explores local cuisine and local crimes! He finds himself caught up in a bizarre crime while enjoying the culinary delights of Taiwan in The Pearl of Taiwan.

Enjoy the stories and please consider giving the instalments a like or a comment! Feedback is always very welcome.