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Come in, choose a category that sparks your interest and take a seat. Like the look of more than one thing? Then book a room for the night and take your time exploring.

Murder Mysteries


Grab an ale and pull up a chair! Monthly murder mystery short stories released in daily instalments over 7 days. Can you guess the solution by day 7?

Board Game Reviews


The sound of dice being thrown echoes all over the dining room. Hopefully there’ll be no brawling… Weekly reviews of games old and new. Our reviews provide a general overview with a focus on theme.

Podcasts: Murder Mystery History

Quiet corner tables are home to huddled groups in deep discussion. Listen in to monthly discussions of well-known murder mysteries and the impact they made on popular culture or within the murder mystery world.

News and Articles

Stories from the village and beyond. Check in for other reviews, articles and more.